Work with me one-on-one!

Hey friends! I recently started doing one-on-one coaching and absolutely LOVE it.

Main areas we can cover are building self love, confidence, having more fun, brand building and of course, building the life you crave.

Interested? All details here!

“After one month of working with Sarah, I feel aligned with everything I am doing. I am forever thankful we crossed paths + so grateful to have such an amazing supporter. Sarah has opened my eyes to look at things in different perspectives + since then I have had major mindset shifts.

I came to her needed guidance on establishing a better relationship with myself and others, needing to put more fun in my life + with the hopes she could help me build out my future business plan. Over the past month I’ve prioritized my relationships, feel amazing taking time out of each week to do something I enjoy + have a clear vision of what I want my business to look like (we even created a launch date). I cannot recommend her enough, and I can’t wait to continue working with her!!” - Makayla B.

sarah gaines