how to build the life you crave...


1. find strength through movement

Strength + confidence is built internally. The most important thing you can do is find movement that makes you feel strong and confident, whether it's lifting, dancing, bouldering, or anything else in between. You'll start to notice that strength transfer from movement into all other aspects of your life. Try a workout with me and see what you think!

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2. Travel to gain new insight + experiences

When we step outside our usual routine, we open ourselves up to new people, ideas, and experiences. Join me for a retreat and get ready for days worth of exploring - both literally and metaphorically, hehe.


3. allow your mind to ask for what it wants

Start to tune into your thoughts, desires + beliefs...not what others have decided for you but what's in your heart and soul. Begin to shed yourself of external agendas, and start living off of yours. Listen to my podcast, EMBODY, for more on this. Each episode is 5-10 minutes of thoughts for you to ponder (and hopefully implement) on this subject.


4. awaken your senses and let go

The combination of movement, conscience breathing, sound + visuals aid in the effort to get you out of your body and into your untapped mind. Attend one of my events.


5. dance, laugh + enjoy every moment

There is something to be learned from every single moment of our lifetime, even the shitty moments (especially the shitty moments). Let yourself feel, enjoy + laugh through it all..and dance, always dance.