Sarah is known for her authentic, vulnerable, and positive spirit. Her encouraging and loving tone is woven into social media campaigns, speaking engagements, and everything in between. Below are just a few of Sarah’s past partnerships, speaking gigs + press features.

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"Sarah has a unique way of speaking a language that is inclusive and yet so personal that everyone in the room feels she is speaking directly to them, FOR them. Joy and positivity radiates from her words, her tonality, and her intention. I have worked with and hired Sarah for events large and small, and with audiences ranging from 25-65 years old. For each event, every person walked away with a deeper understanding of their purpose, no matter where they are in life. I know this because they were raving about these realizations to each other out loud, and excited to share their ideas! In addition, people had the seed of their plan of action to take the next steps towards realizing their purpose after speaking with Sarah. After hearing her speak, people want to truly engage with each other and themselves in an authentic way."

- Lindsay Hite, owner of Show Your Spark + Lindsay Hite Photography

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